Non-Euclidean render engine

Jose L. Redondo Tello

Project Overview

This engine is able to compress, expand and reconnect the space of a scene in real time using aberrations and portals.

The scenes, meshes and space deformations can be edited throught the application menu.



Aberrations can compress or expand the space within a certain area

This effect is archieved by recasting and redirecting the camera rays that intersect with an aberration

Note that in the next gifs the interior of the portals are being affected by two aberrations

This video showcases one of the demo scenes in the engine


Portals can reconnect spaces of the scene

This effect is archieved by recasting the camera rays that intersected with the portal and applying the transformation difference between the two portals

This videos showcase 2 demo scenes from the engine


The engine editor allows the users to modify, save and load scenes.